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Our Vision

While we sail with our dreams, we value your dreams equally. We create our content for all our audiences, to give them a break from daily hassle of their life. Apart from entertaining our audiences we try to find out the unexposed talents from every remote corner around us and to give them a reliable and creative platform, through which they can express their talent to larger audiences. We want to work together, to create heart touching, creative, innovative content, which spreads self-consciousness and social awareness besides entertaining our audiences.

We hope that the dream journey of "Dream Sailor Production", will go on by connecting millions of dreams. Your love and support will be the most precious achievement for us. We believe in “Of the people, By the people and for the people.”

Our Films

Khushiyon Ka Aashiyaana Mask - the unseen revealed Abelaya - The Twilight Part 01 Abelaya - The Twilight Part 02 Abelaya - The Twilight Part 03 Abelaya - The Twilight Part 04 Sneha Chayya T-Shirt - A Planned Coincident Aaj free hai - The slap of a prostitute Bhulakkad - The art of forgetting Aadat - An unusual habit The Sound of Hope Mini-O-Raswala Birthmark - The ultimate realization Lockdown - Back to the life Aaj Nikalke Rahunga | Chetan Ratan Series Chinese Khake Rahunga | Chetan Ratan Series Anyo Pujo - Worship for mankind A Wrong Decision My First Shot The Magic Click
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    • Infatuation of a college student with his lady professor. Affection, attachment & unknown relationship continues. Rumors, scandals & climax of the relationship.

    Abelaya - The Twilight

    Produced by, Rekharani
    Official Selection :

    Goa International Film Festival - 2007

    • Story of a village girl and a juice seller.Their unconditional love is victimised by the narrow thoughts of the villagers.Child molestation is a very familiar sound of modern times.

    Mini O Raswala

    Directed by, Shaswat DOP - Sabyasachi & Bidhukanta Edit - Bidhukanta
    Official Selection :

    1. My Mumbai ISFF (6th) - 2018
    2. 4th DISFF - 2019
    3. Nettywood Film Festival - 2019

    • MASK
    • A silent short film.Its a Psycho-Thriller based allegorical short film,where the masks represent the thought wave of one's deeper mind which may interrupt,even control over our conscious mind.

    Mask - The Unseen Revealed

    Directed by, Shaswat DOP & Edit - Bidhukanta
    Official Selection :

    1. LGBTQ Shorts Film Festival
    2. 42 Elche IIFF
    3. Dadasaheb Phalke IFF
    4. Durgapur International SFF
    5. Nettywood Film Festival
    6. MoziMotion

    • This Short Film is based on up and down relationship between A mother and her son. The different love and faith of a mother and her son.

    Sneha Chayya

    Directed by, Kowsiq DOP - Sabyasachi Edit - Bidhukanta
    Official Selection :

    Durgapur International Short Film Festival (3rd) - 2019

    • Each single movement or every tiny change occurs for a new hope.Events change,lives transform but the hope goes on, endlessly... Even a simple sound means a lot and can express a deep hope for someone.

    The Sound of Hope

    Directed by, Shaswat DOP & Edit - Bidhukanta
    Official Selection :

    1. (1st Runner up) Shorts on Nikon Season4
    2. Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival - 2019
    3. FIKTIVA Media Art Festival - 2019 3. 2nd PMPISFF - 2019

    • AADAT
    • The same relation can express itself in many different forms,depending upon person or situation.An unusual behaviour or habit (Aadat) just can be a disguise very often,in a relationship.

    Aadat - An Unusual Habit

    Directed by, Shaswat DOP & Edit - Bidhukanta
    Official Selection :

    Nettywood Film Festival - 2019

    • Birthmark
    • Realization of truth is the actual knowledge and knowledge is the only way for liberation or enlightenment. Now the truth is, no one else but you are the only one who can liberate yourself- this is the core concept of this film.

    Birthmark - The Ultimate Realization

    Directed by, Shaswat DOP & Edit - Bidhukanta

    :: Semi-finalist ::

    MithiWood Film Festival - 2021

    • The Wrong Decision
    • After A Wrong Decision, how much problem a woman faces from the society. But with her pure courage and hardwork she turn around and stand against all the odds, and finally she live a life she deserves.

    A Wrong Decision

    Directed by, Shaswat DOP - Sutapa Edit - Bidhukanta

    :: Winner ::

    - Women Empowerment Theme

    Through Her Lens by Nikon Season 2 - 2021

About Us

The official journey of "Dream Sailor Production" was started through our YouTube channel from January 2018, where we are always work hard to make quality films, to present them inform of our reflective and sensitive viewers.

Many well-known festivals, with national and international reputation, have enriched us with their precious laurels, and gave us the golden opportunity to introduce ourselves globally by screening our creations throughout many countries across the world. We have bagged some very prestigious awards so far and hope for many more in the future.

Anyone who wants to get in touch with our regular activities, can contact us through our YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram and twitter handle. All newcomers and professionals from any department (technical and non-technical) feel free to contact us via email through dreamsailorproduction@gmail.com or WhatsApp us to +91 9333914846.

If you like our contents and work please do subscribe our YouTube channel, and give us a like and share on social media platforms, your encouragement will help us grow.